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5x Your Linkedin Connections and Nurture Them in Less Time

Boost your business prospects with our powerful multi-messaging, connection, and engagement campaigns. Customize your message, add a personal touch, and set up as many follow-up messages as you need.

Organize Your Leads and Network in One Place

Our built-in Linkedin CRM helps you organize and keep up with your connections and leads quickly and effortlessly.

Works Totally in The Background

Enjoy the freedom to work on other important tasks, knowing that your campaigns continue running until they reach their daily goal - completely on autopilot.

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Is Linked Automate safe to use?

Yes. Our automation system simulates manual work by incorporating realistic delays after each action. You can choose how many seconds or minutes you want LinkedAutomate to wait after performing each action you set up in your campaign. That way, it will not be detected by any monitoring system.

You can also set a limit of actions per day. We recommend you don't do more than 25 actions per day if you don't have a premium or sales navigator account. 

What makes Linked Automate different from other automation tools?

We behave like a cloud-based platform. With Linked Automate, you don't need to have LinkedIn open when scrapping profiles, launching campaigns or using our CRM. You can even close the chrome extension, and your campaigns will run smoothly, performing all the actions you set up.
Our built-in CRM lets you get an overview of areas such as their emails, company name, location & headline of your connections.
We also offer multi-message sequences to engage your leads and ensure they don't go cold.

Do I need Linkedin Sales Navigator to use Linked Automate?

No. Linked Automate is compatible with Likedin’s free, premium, and sales navigator accounts. 

My LinkedIn account got restricted. What should I do?

If you are locked out for what appears to be an innocent mistake on your part - don't worry! Permanent bans are quite rare and In most cases, LinkedIn just issue’s a general warning, and the account should be back up in a matter of days or hours.If you need more help with this subject, feel free to contact us

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