Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How can I avoid messaging people twice?

Linked Automate enables you to select whether or not people already in other campaigns should be excluded from the current one.

I got a warning from LinkedIn; what should I do?

LinkedIn may issue a warning if your activity levels seem suspicious. To avoid any further account problems, be sure to pause automated tools and control the number of connection requests or messages you send out at one time. Make sure to take it slowly and warm your account once everything gets back to normal. 

Can I use other applications while using LinkedAutomate Chrome extension?

Yes. Don't worry about our extension interrupting you - it will keep running smoothly no matter what other applications or programs you use.

How many connection requests can I send a week?

With Linked Automate, you can reach up to 500 contacts per week. These 500 invitations will depend on your current LinkedIn subscription, and this is to keep your account safe and avoid restrictions.

Here’s how many invitations you can send per week depending on your linkedin Subscription:

  • Free: 100 invitations per week
  • Premium: 300 invitations per week
  • Sales Navigator: 500 invitations per week

Do I need Linkedin Sales Navigator to use Linked Automate?

No. Linked Automate is compatible with Likedin’s free, premium, and sales navigator accounts. 

What makes Linked Automate different from other automation tools?

We behave like a cloud-based platform. With LinkedAutomate, you don't need to have LinkedIn open when scrapping profiles, launching campaigns or using our CRM. You can even close the chrome extension, and your campaigns will run smoothly, performing all the actions you set up.

Our built-in CRM lets you get an overview of areas such as their emails, company name, location & headline of your connections.

We also offer multi-message sequences to engage your leads and ensure they don't go cold.

Is LinkedAutomate safe to use?

Yes. Our automation system simulates manual work by incorporating realistic delays after each action. You can choose how many seconds or minutes you want LinkedAutomate to wait after performing each action you set up in your campaign. That way, it will not be detected by any monitoring system.

You can also set a limit of actions per day. We recommend you don't do more than 25 actions per day if you don't have a premium or sales navigator account. 


Can I use Linked Automate with a Free LinkedIn account?

Free LinkedIn accounts are great for getting started and getting your account warmed up; however, if you're looking to maximize your reach and avoid the limitations of the free account, you should upgrade to a sales navigator account. 

My LinkedIn account got restricted; what should I do?

If you are locked out for what appears to be an innocent mistake on your part - don't worry! Permanent bans are quite rare and In most cases, LinkedIn just issue’s a general warning, and the account should be back up in a matter of days or hours.If you need more help with this subject, feel free to contact us

Subscription & Support

How long do you take to answer support inquires?

At Linked Automate, we value your time and strive to provide timely support for our users. While we aim to address your inquiries as quickly as possible, please note that our current response time for Linked Automate inquiries is up to 24 hours.Our team is dedicated to delivering accurate and helpful responses to your questions and requests. However, certain factors such as the volume of inquiries or unexpected circumstances may occasionally cause slight delays. We appreciate your patience and understanding during such instances.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

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